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 Welcome to 1-2-1 Transportation Specialists Ltd.

1-2-1 has been saving money for companies involved in the Trucking Industry since 1996!

1-2-1 provides Expert Parking Ticket Management Services.

  • Our team of Specialists have over 50 years combined experience fighting the Parking Violations Bureau.

  • We have fought over 80,000 New York City Parking Violations In Person!

  • We have saved money for over 827 small businesses like yours.

  • We specialize in companies that operate vehicles in New York City.

  • Last year, our clients saved over 60% of their parking fines!

  • Our clients SAVED over $4 MILLION in Parking Fines to date.

  • 100% GUARANTEE!!-We work for 40% of what you SAVE!-No fee if we are unsuccessful!

    "Every Ticket is Worth Fighting!®"

    1-2-1 provides Expert Fleet Management Services.

  • Our Specialists have over 70 years combined expertise in the trucking industry.

  • We can assist you with all aspects of USDOT Compliance.

    Call our Experts at (877) 540-1212 to inquire about our services

    and learn how we can save your firm money.

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